Salt Lake City Fringe Festival

1438567486303It’s no secret to my friends, and half the reason I got into the trucking business, I LOVE random road trips. There’s something to picking some random event and taking off for a week and living. If you have any flexibility in your job at all, don’t worry about getting on an airplane and planning some extravagant trip. If you have a positive mindset and a crew of like minded individuals the time of your like may only be only a few miles away. With that being said, I’m taking a gamble on a new event this year and checking out the Salt Lake City Inaugural Fringe Festival.

Our group of 3 of my best friends booked out a house near Westminster. Gotta love airbnb. Anywhere in the world, find a spot that has been tested out, reviewed and get some insider tips only  local would know. Our host hooked us up with a good deal from a limo company on the Saturday so we can throw back a few extra tequilas in between venues. Should be a great time. For us having a festival going on in town is just a guarantee it’s a good time to visit a city. With a population around 190k there’s always going to be something worthwhile but with the festival there should be quite a few more embracing the summer night time shenanigans.

From what I’ve read, there will about 40 shows a day and a whole bunch of after parties to check out. There’s something way cooler about discovering unique original performers at these small festivals. With social media you can follow along and see how their careers progress and it’s not all the corporate blown up entities that mod people flock to at large music festivals. Don’t get me wrong, I love that too, but NEVER under estimate a fringe festival with a few good pals. Forget $300 a head plus shower passes and all that shenanigans. The festival website lists tickets at $10. I’ve never been to Salt Lake but we plan on bouncing around a few patio bars and exploring some of the night life 4 countem 4 nights in a row.

Community parties are where its at. I like to keep an eye not only for fringe festivals but there are some awesome jazz festivals around this time of year if you’re down with some bluegrass and horns.

Anyways, embrace their overly scripted cheesy promo video ;) and shoot me a message if your in Salt Lake City or headed that way too.

Better travel with The Joe Rogan Experience.

The Joe Rogan experience has been a long standing favourite of mine. The podcast started way back in December 2009. If a few episodes of the podcast, and also on the Adam Carolla show, Joe has explained the Adam’s podcast inspired hime to get the ball rolling.

Joe’s long standing side-kick Brian Redban was plucked from a corporate gig after Joe discovered his videos online. Together that have cranked out over 300 episodes and hit the top iTunes charts on a weekly basis.

The podcast has acted as a career catapulting for several of Joe’s comedian friends over the years. Some household names you may recognize are Ari Shaffir, Joey Diaz, Duncan Trussel and many more. The funny thing is, this podcast is 100% the reason I ever heard of these artists…as the years went by they all became way more successful and grew large audiences. IMO this was mostly due to the ginormous following on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

After a few years of listening to Joe he eventually made his way to my University town. Ottawa, Ontario. I had previously seen his talking monkey in space and shiny happy jihad specials and like a pro Joe delivered all fresh content that lit the place up with laughter. I also heard from my buddy who chauffeurs for that he used their limousine service to go to an underground comedy/pot smoking bar in downtown Ottawa. I’m not a huge pot smoker but I bet that was one hell of a time. Keep an eye out for his future tours as I highly recommend hitting up one of his shows. His opening acts will likely be some of the usual suspect from his podcast, so you know you’re in for some quality comedy.

What To Expect

Joe does not shy away from any topic. If you are only familiar with him from his Fear Factor show you may be in for a bit of surprise. Many episodes you’ll hear him discuss using psychedelic drugs like mushrooms and DMT. Nearly every show has some mention of the ridiculously powerful weed they smoke before each episode. From there Joe dives into and endless ocean of topics that are explored with a beautiful combination of pot driven silliness and a macbook pro with a google search bar ready to dive into whatever comes to mind.

What You’ll Learn

It is truly amazing to have direct access to people that won’t bullshit you and attempt to give real experienced advice about topics your friends havens learned yet. One of my favourite mottos from Joe is the “Be The Hero of Your Own Story” concept depicted in this video.

This mantra of getting your shit together mentality helped me get through some pretty shitty times and set me on the right path. May sound cheesy but having someone like Joe Rogan checking in on ya every week or two makes regular radio and even most tv shows seam like monotonous bullshit thats wasting your time. Don’t get me wrong, joe will waste your time…most episodes go 2-3 hours. But it’s gems like this that keep me coming back for more each and every week.

Take Away

The Joe Rogan Experience will raise your IQ level, lower your body fat percentage and convince you to get so high that you feel like an asshole if you aren’t the being the best human possible. If you stick around long enough, you’ll end up like Dwayne Johnson swinging a gorilla head shaped kettle bell from joe’s “Human Optimization” company Onnit.

The King of Pod: The Adam Corolla Show

Early 2009, Adam Carolla introduced the first ever episode of The Adam Carolla Show, a world record holding juggernaut podcast that has trailblazer a path for up and comers looking to escape the corporate side of comedy and entertainment

I’ve been listening to this show for about 3 years. I knew little more then the fact that Adam was partially resThe Adam Carolla Showponsible for the timeless masterpiece that is The Man Show. From what I gather, Jimmy Kimmel landed his gig as a Late Night Host and Carolla refused to continue the show and deminish its legend by hosting the show with a new partner. You can probably find some links to old episodes. I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t mad wit’s way to netflix already.

The Adam Carolla show is comprised of three main hosts: Adam, Bryan Bishop, and Gina Grad. This podcast is a staple for weekday listening. You can rely on a steady diet of 5 episodes per week BUT if you want more Carolla Digital produces several other shows: The Adam & Dr. Drew Show, Penn’s Sunday School, Ace on the House, The Dr Drew Podcast, For Crying out loud, This Week with Larry Miller, Alison Rosen is Your New best friend…it seams he has something new coming down the pipeline every few weeks.

Adam grew up working construction and didn’t hit his stride in comedy until his early 30’s. Thank god, because this has given him years of life experience that make him uniquely relatable to listeners as we sit at our jobs and realize that we aren’t the only ones that see the bullshit going in society.

My favourite segment, “What can’t Adam complain about” deserves, perhaps, to be placed in a fortune teller museum next to aristotle. His intuition has led him to predict and perhaps cause some rather unique situations. Remember that time you were watching a game of football. The kicker was out on the field for a field goal about 35-40 yards out, the game is on the line and it all came down to that kick. The foot struck the ball and it flew sky high toward the goal post and cleared the upright post by about 5 feet effectively causing the game to be decided by a ref that needs to guess which way the ball would have bounce if the post was in place. Adam ranted about this for years.
In 2014 that NFL goal posts were raised and The Adam Carolla podcast was firmly positioned as a daily listen for even football related content.

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Start Your Week Off Right With Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast.

Bill Burr PodcastMondays suck. If your week had a graph that tracked the endorphins in your brain, you would see a clear peak somewhere between Friday and Sunday with a dramatic plummet resembling the stock crash of 19 umm 20!? You see that right there. That’s a  passionate rant filled with potentially inaccurate statements you are likely to find on my favourite monday pastime. Bill Burr’s monday morning podcast.

Every monday Bill Burr takes out his frustrations alone in his bed yelling into a microphone to his listeners, “Juuuust ChkkinInOnYaaa.” I am a big fan of comedy and have paid $100+ to see acts of this calibre. When Bill Burr gives a fresh hour every Monday (and now Thursday) it’s nearly impossible to pass up. The amount of effort that goes into keeping fresh new content is real. Consider that Jerry sienfeld has been doing the same hour act for probably a decade. Then consider how many times you almost being crying during the monday morning podcast and you begin to understand the comedic genius that is Bill Burr.

The first Monday morning podcast was recorded January 11, 2011. Ever since, Bill Burr has slowly been telling us all to go fuck ourselves in the best way possible. Occasionally featuring his now wife Nia and canine hiking buddy Bill blends a mixture of passionate rants and reasonably sound advice for his assumed of audience of early adulthood listeners.

You my friend, are about to pick up the cure for the monday blues. To give you a feel for the show let’s explore some from the July 6th 2015 episode of the Monday Morning Podcast.

July 4th weekend had recently passed and a news story came out that some dude was killed by lighting a firework off his head. Bill Burr dives in and gives a re-enactment of how it probably went down using about 4 different characters. After a quick derailment to a rant about Lebron’s infamous “watch your mouth woman” moment in the NBA FinalsBill Burr Monday Morning Podcast

Bill invisions a protest against celebrating July 4th with fireworks in an annoying lisp voice he goes to often to evoke a sense of douchery in the character. Dropping the line, “Over 80% of bottle rockets are shot out of anuses in the this state alone, this needs to stop”

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