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What’s up crew. Welcome to Plug D tunes. There is a world of listening options and we are here to keep you posted on the best ear candy and audio events available. Whether you’re looking for a dope new album to get pumped up for your next lifting session or looking for a podcast that will help you pass those 8 long hour at work, we’ve got you covered.

My name is Braden and I’ve been an avid music, podcast and festival fan since I can remember. I figured why not share my experience with those out there that may have similar tastes.

I’m not promising any specific structure yet. Basically, I’ll include anything new a worthy of plugging into as the month roll by. Please feel free to drop me a line here if you have something I should check out and I will consider adding it to my site. I’ll also cover festivals I hear about from drivers or ones I discover myself.

My goal in life is to travel to the top 500 music festival in the world. Meet all my favourite podcasters and perhaps write my own book on the experience. Please follow along as I embark on this journey.

This is my 3rd laptop. I have lost two ginourmous databases of music and hours of audio books That I wish I had backed up. This site will help me organize and categorize all the talk n tunes that’s worth revisiting.

I currently work at a truck rental counter and have about 5 of the 8 hours I’m at work to just kill time a find good stuff to listen to. Not sure what I would do without podcasts. Every morning I grab a large coffee, two cream, two sugar, do about 2 hours of paperwork and wait for an occasional customer to show up. After years of doing this I found having the same conversation about where a truck driver came from, where they are going, how many more years till their pension plan became exhausting, so I switch dup my strategy for conversation. What were all these truck drivers plugged into?

Turns out most them have been listening to the exact same radio station for 10+ years. Classic rock. Over and over for years on end the same god damn songs slowly turning their brains to mush. I had enough. It was time for me to tell these guy what was up. After exposing about 5 drivers to the world of podcasting and helping them set up their phones for streaming to bluetooth through the trucks speakers. These guys lit up and when they came back. I think they realized the classic rock zombie driving mode was behind them. Now, they could learn, laugh and explore the world through the eyes of 1000’s of podcasters in all sorts of topics.┬áThese drivers were so thankful to be pointed in this direction. I felt is to be a good idea to create PlugDtunes.com. A place to find good stuff to plug into. Hopefully I can live up to my promise although I’m sure many people will have completely different tastes than myself.

I got started out listening to Rogan and Adam Carolla. Eventually I plugged into about 15 different comedians and have seen a lot them live as a result of their podcasts. Do yourself a favour, if you haven’t made listening to podcast a part of your daily routine, I promise you will love it. Learn and laugh at the endless info spilled out daily by people that are smarter, funnier and more interesting than your friend and co-workers.

This blog is here for fun but I may promote some lesser known artists from time to time if I feel they deserve a look by my audience.

Stay Greasy,



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