Salt Lake City Fringe Festival

1438567486303It’s no secret to my friends, and half the reason I got into the trucking business, I LOVE random road trips. There’s something to picking some random event and taking off for a week and living. If you have any flexibility in your job at all, don’t worry about getting on an airplane and planning some extravagant trip. If you have a positive mindset and a crew of like minded individuals the time of your like may only be only a few miles away. With that being said, I’m taking a gamble on a new event this year and checking out the Salt Lake City Inaugural Fringe Festival.

Our group of 3 of my best friends booked out a house near Westminster. Gotta love airbnb. Anywhere in the world, find a spot that has been tested out, reviewed and get some insider tips only ┬álocal would know. Our host hooked us up with a good deal from a limo company on the Saturday so we can throw back a few extra tequilas in between venues. Should be a great time. For us having a festival going on in town is just a guarantee it’s a good time to visit a city. With a population around 190k there’s always going to be something worthwhile but with the festival there should be quite a few more embracing the summer night time shenanigans.

From what I’ve read, there will about 40 shows a day and a whole bunch of after parties to check out. There’s something way cooler about discovering unique original performers at these small festivals. With social media you can follow along and see how their careers progress and it’s not all the corporate blown up entities that mod people flock to at large music festivals. Don’t get me wrong, I love that too, but NEVER under estimate a fringe festival with a few good pals. Forget $300 a head plus shower passes and all that shenanigans. The festival website lists tickets at $10. I’ve never been to Salt Lake but we plan on bouncing around a few patio bars and exploring some of the night life 4 countem 4 nights in a row.

Community parties are where its at. I like to keep an eye not only for fringe festivals but there are some awesome jazz festivals around this time of year if you’re down with some bluegrass and horns.

Anyways, embrace their overly scripted cheesy promo video ;) and shoot me a message if your in Salt Lake City or headed that way too.