The King of Pod: The Adam Corolla Show

Early 2009, Adam Carolla introduced the first ever episode of The Adam Carolla Show, a world record holding juggernaut podcast that has trailblazer a path for up and comers looking to escape the corporate side of comedy and entertainment

I’ve been listening to this show for about 3 years. I knew little more then the fact that Adam was partially resThe Adam Carolla Showponsible for the timeless masterpiece that is The Man Show. From what I gather, Jimmy Kimmel landed his gig as a Late Night Host and Carolla refused to continue the show and deminish its legend by hosting the show with a new partner. You can probably find some links to old episodes. I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t mad wit’s way to netflix already.

The Adam Carolla show is comprised of three main hosts: Adam, Bryan Bishop, and Gina Grad. This podcast is a staple for weekday listening. You can rely on a steady diet of 5 episodes per week BUT if you want more Carolla Digital produces several other shows: The Adam & Dr. Drew Show, Penn’s Sunday School, Ace on the House, The Dr Drew Podcast, For Crying out loud, This Week with Larry Miller, Alison Rosen is Your New best friend…it seams he has something new coming down the pipeline every few weeks.

Adam grew up working construction and didn’t hit his stride in comedy until his early 30’s. Thank god, because this has given him years of life experience that make him uniquely relatable to listeners as we sit at our jobs and realize that we aren’t the only ones that see the bullshit going in society.

My favourite segment, “What can’t Adam complain about” deserves, perhaps, to be placed in a fortune teller museum next to aristotle. His intuition has led him to predict and perhaps cause some rather unique situations. Remember that time you were watching a game of football. The kicker was out on the field for a field goal about 35-40 yards out, the game is on the line and it all came down to that kick. The foot struck the ball and it flew sky high toward the goal post and cleared the upright post by about 5 feet effectively causing the game to be decided by a ref that needs to guess which way the ball would have bounce if the post was in place. Adam ranted about this for years.
In 2014 that NFL goal posts were raised and The Adam Carolla podcast was firmly positioned as a daily listen for even football related content.
Some other great “What can’t Adam complain about” episodes include his solution for the often disturbing bowel movement after eating beats. The beat reminder wristband. Ever eat a plate of beats at dinner, go to bed as you normally would and not think twice about how your future will be effected. You would think beats would have no effect the following day. Here is where Adam Carolla points out the common experience we all have shared. The OMG am I pooping blood experience the day after eating beats. Carolla proposes that with every meal that includes beats should also be included a wristband to remind you that you aren’t bleed ing internally and a the simple ingestion of a common vegetable is to blame. I still laugh every time this happens to me and have really considered creating and ordering these wristbands.

If you are looking for a good slice of life podcast that will make you laugh and learn for about 1.5 hours every day, The Adam Carolla Podcast is an absolute gem of a show and has been and will remain free of any subscription fee for audio versions but there is a live video stream upgrade available at

For more hilarious listening definitely check out the audio versions of his book President me. He treated the audio recording of his book as an opportunity to retell and expand on everything he put in his books.

Get it on! Plug into the Adam Carolla Show.


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