Start Your Week Off Right With Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast.

Bill Burr PodcastMondays suck. If your week had a graph that tracked the endorphins in your brain, you would see a clear peak somewhere between Friday and Sunday with a dramatic plummet resembling the stock crash of 19 umm 20!? You see that right there. That’s a  passionate rant filled with potentially inaccurate statements you are likely to find on my favourite monday pastime. Bill Burr’s monday morning podcast.

Every monday Bill Burr takes out his frustrations alone in his bed yelling into a microphone to his listeners, “Juuuust ChkkinInOnYaaa.” I am a big fan of comedy and have paid $100+ to see acts of this calibre. When Bill Burr gives a fresh hour every Monday (and now Thursday) it’s nearly impossible to pass up. The amount of effort that goes into keeping fresh new content is real. Consider that Jerry sienfeld has been doing the same hour act for probably a decade. Then consider how many times you almost being crying during the monday morning podcast and you begin to understand the comedic genius that is Bill Burr.

The first Monday morning podcast was recorded January 11, 2011. Ever since, Bill Burr has slowly been telling us all to go fuck ourselves in the best way possible. Occasionally featuring his now wife Nia and canine hiking buddy Bill blends a mixture of passionate rants and reasonably sound advice for his assumed of audience of early adulthood listeners.

You my friend, are about to pick up the cure for the monday blues. To give you a feel for the show let’s explore some from the July 6th 2015 episode of the Monday Morning Podcast.

July 4th weekend had recently passed and a news story came out that some dude was killed by lighting a firework off his head. Bill Burr dives in and gives a re-enactment of how it probably went down using about 4 different characters. After a quick derailment to a rant about Lebron’s infamous “watch your mouth woman” moment in the NBA FinalsBill Burr Monday Morning Podcast

Bill invisions a protest against celebrating July 4th with fireworks in an annoying lisp voice he goes to often to evoke a sense of douchery in the character. Dropping the line, “Over 80% of bottle rockets are shot out of anuses in the this state alone, this needs to stop”

He continues the Maine stay at home character by voicing how she would express her disgust for the new trend of light bottle rockets out of their assholes.

What may have been just another story that you scroll past in your Facebook timeline, Burr brings to life with ridiculous characters.

Recently, he double up his offering and created the Thursday Monday Morning Podcast that debuts every Thursday morning or sometime before Friday depending on whether or not he’s on the wagon.

One thing is for sure, two of your weekdays will suck less if you plug into the Monday Morning Podcast with the hilarious Bill Burr.

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